We offer same-day crowns using precision controlled technology known as E4D cad cam technology – an innovative dental machine that has changed the way dentists approach dental crowns and other procedures.

The E4D system offers many benefits over a traditional dental crown procedure:

  • Can be performed the same-day as your crown consultation.
  • Has been deemed a safe and effective procedure.
  • Advanced technology that incorporates precise lasers for accurate results.
  • No temporary teeth necessary.
  • Works for more than just dental crowns: inlays, onlays, fillings, and veneers

Using the latest technology and clinically proven materials we are able to scan your tooth and actually design a crown/onlay or veneer that is 100% custom to your tooth.

This eliminates the dreaded temporary and reduces your appointment to one day. This machine acts like a robot that creates your custom restoration in a matter or minutes.

Innovative Pain Free Dentistry

We believe in offering the best dental care available in Orange County, which is why our dentist stays up-to-date with innovative technologies that aim at making the entire patient experience modernized, comfortable, convenient, and affordable.

If you are interested in our same-day crown E4D technology, then give us a call @ (949) 760-0363.