Pediatric dentistry is a term used to describe dentistry for children. Dr. Steve Ngo is a pediatric dentist of Orange County, who loves seeing children in his office. Children need special care and dedication from birth to their teenage years in order to maintain a healthy, sparkling smile for a lifetime. First impressions have never been more important, making it increasingly important for dentists to ensure a positive experience for children on their first visit.

Children’s teeth begin to grow in during their 1st six months and will continue to grow until they reach the age of 6. At this time, their adult teeth begin to grow in, causing their baby teeth to fall out naturally. This is a time in which a child begins to experience pain that they do not quite understand, which is why some families reward their children by using the “tooth fairy” to make this process more enjoyable for the children.

Educating children is important. The earlier a child understands the importance of both their dentist and proper brushing techniques, the better off their oral health will be. We understand children may be afraid of their dentist – it’s an entirely new experience for them, an experience they simply do not know how to handle. This is what differentiates a pediatric dentist from a regular dentist – pediatric dentists understand how to work with children to make sure their dental experience is comfortable, because a bad experience could develop a fear of the dentist, which would translate into skipped visits as they become older.

For those children who have not been to the dentist yet: Typically the first visit will include an introduction to oral health and it’s importance. We will work with you and your children in explaining how to properly brush their teeth for them and give any other pointers that are necessary. Depending on the circumstances, they may even receive their first dental cleaning. Adults benefit from the introduction too – it serves as a healthy reminder of the importance of maintaining excellent dental hygiene.

Preventive dental care for your children includes proper nutrition for oral health, early assessment of the bite, mending of a child’s cavities or decay, diagnosis of any oral diseases, an orthodontic evaluation*, and care for a child’s injuries that relate to the teeth.

*The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that a child receive an orthodontic evaluation by the time they reach 7 years of age. The reason why is to determine any abnormalities early on involving their bite, molar growth, and any other serious problems that can be seen and prevented early on.

At Image Dental, we want your children to feel comfortable as they receive dental care.