Orthodontics helps to correct teeth that are crooked or misaligned. Teeth that do not fit together are harder to clean and can be more susceptible to periodontal disease or decay.

Orthodontics Are Used to Correct a Variety of Issues

Many people believe orthodontics is solely meant to straighten teeth, but orthodontic appliances are used for more than just straightening teeth. They have the capacity to provide full functionality to your bite by correcting these abnormalities:

  • Overbite - sometimes called "buck teeth" — where the upper front teeth lie too far forward (stick out) over the lower teeth
  • Underbite - a "bulldog" appearance where the lower teeth are too far forward or the upper teeth too far back
  • Crossbite - when the upper teeth do not come down slightly in front of the lower teeth when biting together normally
  • Open bite - space between the biting surfaces of the front and/or side teeth when the back teeth bite together
  • Misplaced midline - when the center of your upper front teeth does not line up with the center of your lower front teeth
  • Spacing - gaps, or spaces, between the teeth as a result of missing teeth or teeth that do not "fill up" the mouth
  • Crowding - when there are too many teeth for the dental ridge to accommodate.

Types of Orthodontics We Offer

At Image Dental OC we offer some of the latest and most comfortable orthodontic procedures for adults and children. Dr. Steve Ngo has many different orthodontic options to accommodate your specific needs:

  • Invisalign – this is the best option for adults. There are many benefits to Invisalign, but the two most prominent benefits are the fact that they are clear, invisible braces that are difficult to detect, as well as are removable.
  • Traditional Metal Braces– this is the popular choice for many children and teens mainly due to their cost effectiveness. Traditional metal braces are the tried and true method of correcting issues with teeth and jaw alignment, and also happen to be the most affordable option. However, they can be difficult or annoying to maintain, as well as cause embarrassment for some.
  • Retainers – these are orthodontic appliances that are typically used after orthodontic treatment has already been performed. Retainers help retain the results gained from orthodontics.

Are You a Candidate for Orthodontics?

An in-person consultation with our Orange County orthodontist is a great way to see whether or not orthodontics treatment is right for you. Not everyone is a candidate for orthodontics, and Dr. Steve Ngo will help you determine this. Please call our office @ (949) 760-0363 for more information on orthodontics including cost & pricing information. We can also be contacted through our online contact form.