Dental fillings are one of the most common forms of restorative dental treatments offered. This is because dental cavities are a common dental issue that must be corrected early on in order to prevent further damage from occurring.

At Image Dental OC, we offer mercury-free fillings. We do not offer amalgam fillings at our office, due to the controversy that surrounds them.

Amalgam fillings are approved for use in dentistry by the ADA, but many reports have shown the potential for harm in the mouth. Mercury in is fact a poisonous/toxic element to humans and when it is placed into the mouth, it is believed that a very small amount of vapors are released, inhaled, and absorbed by the body. This causes the potential for many problems to arise.

As a result, Dr. Steve Ngo, a biological dentist, has chosen not to include the use of amalgam filling treatment in his Newport Beach dental office.

Learn more about the potential dangers of amalgam fillings.

The Type of Dental Fillings We Use & Their Benefits

Dr. Steve Ngo treats patients with mercury-free ceramic fillings made with porcelain. These work well because they match the color of your teeth for an aesthetically enhancing appearance.

Aside from the aesthetics of porcelain, they also bond well with your teeth. This is important in prolonging the life of your filling and tooth as they are not as likely to crack. Porcelain, white fillings generally last for several years (7 years on average) with proper care and treatment.

Porcelain fillings also have a natural ability to resist staining, aiding in keeping the aesthetics of your tooth. And of course, porcelain fillings do not contain any amount of mercury in them.

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