Take Home Whitening Trays
An option for teeth whitening comes in the form of at-home treatment. Depending on the concentration of the gel prescribed to you, take home trays can be used as the primary whitening treatment, or as a way to maintain your whitening done in the office. Take home whitening trays tend to be more effective than over the counter whitening treatment because whitening trays are customized for your teeth and the gels used are more concentrated.
A Customized Treatment
Take home trays are created in a lab from an impression of your teeth, so the tray will fit snugly in your mouth. After an impression is made the finished tray will be ready to pick up between one and two weeks later. Your teeth's initial shade will be recorded before treatment to estimate progress as you use your whitening kit. When you come to pick up your take home whitening tray we will discuss the proper way to apply the gel, how to use the tray, and how long to keep the tray in your mouth.
How to Use Whitening Trays in General
Always read the directions on your tray before your first use. Before using the take home kit, make sure to brush and floss your teeth. This ensures that the gels in the treatment make contact with the surfaces of your teeth.
Squeeze an evenly distributed amount of whitening gel into the inside of the tray, but try not to use so much that it will ooze out when putting the tray over your teeth.
You can then fit your teeth into the tray. Try not to swallow any gel that oozes out of the tray. Most treatments will require the tray to be worn for an hour each night. For treatments used to maintain an in-office whitening job, at-home treatment will be less frequent.
After each use, brush the insides and outsides of your whitening tray with a soft toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste. This will ensure they are clean for the next use without leaving any gel inside the tray.

Like any whitening treatment, your teeth will not stay white forever. However, eating foods that do not stain your teeth, brushing twice a day, and drinking plenty of water to wash away any staining debris can help your teeth stay white longer. With good dental hygiene, take home whitening kits are a great way to help maintain a healthy white smile. If you have any questions about take home whitening kits, visit our office or give us a call.