Most people focus on the condition of their teeth when looking at the aesthetics of their smile. Even with perfect teeth, if your gums are too prominent or uneven, you might feel self conscious about your smile. The smile line, or area where your teeth show should complement your facial structure when your smile. If you feel like your gums cover too much of their surface, or cover your teeth unevenly, you might have excessive gingival display. When gum tissue covers enough of the teeth's surface to make them appear shorter than they should be, it is called a "gummy smile." Patients with a gummy smile can get this gum tissue removed with a very simple surgery.

Before the surgery, your gums need to be healthy. If they have any signs of inflammation or infection, you will need to undergo periodontal therapy to ensure your gums are in optimal condition for the surgery.

At Image Dental, OC we use laser dentistry to minimize healing time and prevent infection. The use of lasers in gum recontouring make the procedure very fast, usually we are able to complete it within just one dental visit. First we will check your gums to make sure they are healthy, then we will apply an anesthetic onto the gum tissue. When the anesthesia is in effect, we will use laser technology to reshape and remove soft tissue obstructing the teeth. The use of lasers cauterizes the gum tissue, decreasing bleeding during the procedure, allowing you to heal faster, and making the procedure possible without a need for stitches.

After the procedure you should avoid brushing the gum tissue for a few days. Make sure brush your teeth with a soft bristle brush and to rinse gently. Avoid using mouth washes with alcohol until your gums heal completely. Pain should be minimal, but if it becomes bothersome, take some over the counter pain relievers.

Gum recontouring is a surgery with permanent results. The gum tissue removed will not grow back, so it is important that your choose a trustworthy cosmetic dentist that has enough experience with laser dentistry. At Image Dental, OC, we use the latest laser technnology for a variety of purposes and ensure that your gum recontouring will produce the results you are looking for. Learn more about the procedure and if you can benefit from gum recontouring by calling our office to schedule an appointment.