Traditional braces require special care and maintenance in order to properly maintain. Damaged braces result in unnecessary trips to your orthodontist to correct – which can be avoided by staying proactive and conscious of your dietary decisions.

Common Foods to Avoid with Braces

A general rule of thumb when it comes to foods and braces is to avoid anything that may be sticky, chewy, or hard.

With this said, there are specific foods that are known triggers of damaging either the brackets or wiring.

  • Gum
  • Caramel
  • Nuts
  • Popcorn (mainly the kernels you should be careful of)
  • Hard candies
  • Apples
  • Raw vegetables (i.e. carrots)
  • Meats (i.e. beef jerky)
  • Corn on the cob
  • Non-edible items (i.e. chewing on pens or pencils)

All of the above foods are commonly known to have caused braces hardware damage. Some foods, such as certain raw vegetables, can be cut up into smaller pieces allowing them to be easier to chew on. Non-edible items such as pens and pencils should be avoided entirely – make an effort to kick the habit.

Commons Drinks to Avoid with Braces

Drinks are a lot friendlier on orthodontic hardware than most foods, but the rule of thumb here is to limit your sugar intake. Sugar is known to cause tooth decay, damage to the enamel, and staining of elastics. Common culprits include sodas, fruit juices, and sports drinks.

Get in to the habit of using straws to consume drinks as it minimizes contact with your teeth. It also helps to rinse your mouth out with water periodically throughout the day in order to wash away food particles and sugar.

For those who do not want to deal with the hassle of monitoring and managing food and drink intake, then you may want to consider Invisalign® removable braces which offer many benefits over their traditional metal braces counterpart.

Stay educated about your braces in order to reap the most benefits – if you have any questions or concerns regarding braces or orthodontics, then we’ll be happy to assist you @ (949) 760-0363.