Image Dental OC is a dental office like no other. With our advanced dental technology, comfortable environment, and skillful staff, we offer a unique dental experience that you'll never forget. With televisions and DVD players in every room, you'll never feel like you're at the dentist office. Enjoy a movie while our experienced dentists work on your teeth.

We are leaders in technologically advanced dentistry. Our forward-thinking dental practice is moving further away from traditional procedures and towards more technology- and computer-assisted dentistry. Our office utilizes many advanced tools to make your experience more comfortable and relaxed. Our pain-free injection system allows us to deliver anesthetic to a single tooth, making full mouth numbing a thing of the past. With our same-day crown and veneer machines, we are able to scan your tooth and fabricate a customized restoration for you within minutes, cutting out the need for offsite dental labs.

We even have specially developed lights that cure dental cement faster than normal, which will reduce the amount of time you spend waiting around. Digital imaging machines make X-rays quick and easy. Laser surgery makes dental work accurate and painless.

At Image Dental OC, we are constantly updating the technology in our dental systems and procedures. Make an appointment today and experience the future of dental care.