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Monday, February 15, 2010

Newport Beach Cosmetic Dentist Answers Veneers FAQ

Newport Beach Dentist Reviews Veneers

There are often a few questions often asked about Veneers:

What dental problems do Veneers fix?
What are the benefits of Veneers?
What is the lasting length of time for Veneers?

In this blog post we will address these questions.

Veneers procedures are used to fix discoloration of the teeth as well as teeth that have worn down throughout the years. If a patient has a chipped or broken tooth they might want to consider veneers. Typically gaps between teeth and improperly aligned teeth are also cause for Veneers.

Veneers are great because they have the appearance of natural teeth. Gums handle the porcelain very well and they are unaffected by stains. Veneers do not really require major shaping that crowns do and they will offer a strong and nice looking solution.

Typically veneers will remain strong for close to 10 years. After this time they may need to be replaced.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Newport Beach Dentist Answers Pediatric Dentistry Questions

Newport Beach cosmetic dental practice reviews children's dental care.

What is the ideal age for children visit a dentist?

We recommend that children have their first dental examination as soon as their first tooth arrives and definitely before the conclusion of their first birthday.

How many check-ups should my child have per year?

We recommend your child to visit a dentist every 6 months – in order to foresee any future problems with cavities and alignment. Furthermore, each child might have different needs based on the shape and growth of the teeth.

If my child has aches and pain with their teeth, what should I do?

The first step is to call your dentist immediately and describe what is occurring. Furthermore you may clean the aching area with warm salt water and then apply a cold compress on the face if there is swelling. Some doctors may recommend children’s acetaminophen to lower the pain. 

For immediate information about newport beach dental care please call 949.760.0363 or click cosmetic dentist newport beach.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Same-Day Crowns Dentistry Newport Beach

Benefits of Same-Day Dental procedures utilize up-to date technology to provide dental patients with the premium care and results. Traditional dental procedures like crowns/bridges will take two appointments. However, the E4D system allows the dentist to perform the procedure in one appointment.

Because traditional dental procedures take 2 visits and multiple weeks for composites to be developed, the temporary tooth can potentially shift in its position, increase in sensitivity, and become vulnerable to breaking. Therefore, same-day dentistry procedures for:


Ceramic Crowns


Are ultimately are healthier than the traditional methods. 

For more information please visit: Newport Beach Cosmetic Dentist or call 949.760.0393

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Implant Dentistry Overview With Orange County Dentist

What is involved in placing implants?

Implant Dentistry Orange County Reviews The Initial Steps of Placing Implants.

There are a few steps to an implant dentistry procedure.

  • Surgery is conducted to place anchor.
  • It may take up to 6 months for the bone to grow and is stable to hold it in place the next step will take place.
  • In some implant procedures a second surgery might be required for a post to attach and connect an anchor to the replacement teeth.
  • Some implants, the anchor and post are already attached and placed together.

Once the gums heal, the next step of the procedure will begin. Fabricated teeth are developed and custom made to fit with the post portion of the anchor.

Image Dental OC offers Implant Dentistry consultations. Our office has needle free and pain free procedures for anesthetics. For more information please visit: Newport Beach Cosmetic Dentist or call 949.760.0393

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cosmetic Dentistry Newport Beach Covers 5 Common Dental Procedures

Patients who utilize cosmetic dentistry know that the appearance of their smile can really improve and that in most cases they also they benefit from easier care of their oral health. Today’s advancements allow patients to improve a smile that is stained or has disfiguration.  

Some subtle procedures can have a huge impact on the confidence of a patient. There many options for cosmetic dentistry and some may include:

• Teeth Whitening

• Enamel Shaping (Contouring)

Crowns & Caps


Orthodontics Braces

In our next blog post we will review each Cosmetic dentistry procedure listed above. For immediate information about each treatment please call (949) 760-0363 or click Irvine, Ca Dentist.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Newport Beach Cosmetic Dentist Adds New Laser Technology

In order to continue our efforts to providing our patients with Orange County premium dental experience we have added the DIAGNOdent laser detector. The laser detector is proven to be 90% more accurate in measuring tooth decay (cavities). Tooth decay occurs when bacteria starts to break down the outer structure of the tooth causing holes, which left untreated, can cause infections, loss of tooth, and major pain.

Some benefits of the DIAGNOdent include:
• Precise measurements
• Faster and painless examination
• No X-Ray exposure

For more information about our latest laser dental treatments or offers please call us (949) 760 0363 or click Newport Beach Family Dentist.
*Restrictions apply.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Newport Beach Cosmetic Dentist Releases Video

Newport Beach and Irvine Dentist, Dr. Steve Ngo provides the latest technology in pain free dentistry for patients of Image Dental Orange County. In order to provide patients with in-depth information about dental procedures and laser dentistry, the practice has developed a brand new video. The video will give you an inside look to the gentle dentistry approach that our practice takes.

To learn more about our dental practice please click Newport Beach Cosmetic Dentist or call (949) 760 0363.

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