you have had some cosmetic dental procedures done in the past, sometimes different treatments need to be repaired or fixed over time because they actually start to do harm to your bite. Over time, if treatments are not applied in such a way that there is a balanced distribution of force in the bite, or harmony is not achieved, the natural teeth start to wear down and negatively affect your occlusal function, or the way teeth fit together. The teeth can become noticeably shorter, creating a condition often referred to as "bite collapse." Contrarily, if you have had missing teeth which have not been treated, over time their absence can cause the shape of your jaw and consequently, your facial structure to change, along with the way your teeth align with each other.

Fixing a bite improves the look of your smile, increases the longevity of your teeth, and helps to maintain your overall dental health. Teeth or dental fixtures that are damaged or broken can significantly increase your chances of tooth decay. Teeth that become crooked and crowded can make cleaning more difficult and lead to periodontal disease, which is a much more serious problem that may lead to other health risks like infection. Teeth that have worn down enough to create a "sunken bite" tend to expose more bottom teeth than top over time, which may make some people self conscious about their smiles.

To fix a bite or prevent it from worsening, patients may choose to have bite reconstruction. In bite reconstruction, we will apply the appropriate treatments for each patient, taking the time to look at how each tooth plays a part in your bite and finding a specific treatment for each when necessary. During bite reconstruction we will work with you to create a better bite that is both aesthetically improved and functional. Bite reconstruction uses a combination of implants, bridges, crowns, and other tools and techniques to restore your bite. The purpose of reconstruction is to align the teeth and implants in such a way that they all fit together properly and allow for chewing that will not wear down your teeth. We will also observe your personal issues whether they are teeth grinding, past dental work, tooth decay, or a number of other contributing factors. If you would like to learn more about bite reconstruction and what combination of treatments can improve your bite, call our office and schedule an appointment.