Dr. Steve Ngo of Image Dental OC is a practicing biological dentist that caters to residents of Newport Beach, Orange County, and Irvine. We support biologically friendly procedures including the safe removal of mercury fillings.

What is Biological Dentistry?

Many people are unsure of what a biological dentist is or how it differentiates from your normal, everyday dentist. We’ll help you figure out the mystery.

A biological dentist is a dentist that factors in more than just the mouth. Biological dentists approach dentistry with the mindset that anything put into our mouth will have an effect on the body as a whole.

Non-biological dentists approach dentistry from the perspective of making your smile as best as it can be using protocol, equipment, and materials that have been approved for use by the FDA and ADA.

Biological Dentists Practice Mercury Free Dentistry

Biological dentistry differentiates the most from non-biological dentistry over the use of mercury, amalgam fillings.

Biological dentists do not advocate the use of amalgam fillings that contain mercury within them – a known highly toxic chemical, whereas non-biological dentists will allow patients to have amalgam fillings (also known as mercury or silver fillings) usually without educating the patient on its pros and cons.

Here at Image Dental OC, our biological dentist follows a strict mercury safe protocol to remove and replace your mercury fillings with safer, composite materials that also happen to look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Learn the dangers of amalgam fillings.